Black people retreat

Body & Soul Retreats — A Program for Men

Join Seattle Black Pride for a free three-day retreat! We take a closer look at our black gay selves and at what makes us who we are, including our relationships, culture, behaviors and their effects on our health. You will walk away from this retreat with a new sense of power, negotiation skills, and tools to prevent the transmission of STDs & HIV. You can find a lot of information on the digital web, but here’s what you will get out of this program.

  • Learn the interactions between HIV and other STDs, and its impact on your life.
  • Discuss the “man of your dreams” and the “power” of tops and bottoms.
  • Develop skills to improve how you talk to your man and how your man talks to you.
  • Discuss stereotypes: “tops,” “bottoms,” etc.
  • Develop risk reduction strategies
  • Relax your body and free your soul for one weekend

A time to free your mind…

“I found a place where I feel safe and accepted… I can talk about my real life, not the one I show my family and friends.” — Tyrone, age 24.

A time to rest your body…

Body & Soul retreats are free and held in confidential locations. Lodging and meals are supplied to you at no cost. Each participant is encouraged to relax in private lodging quarters after daily retreat sessions. You might also qualify for a cash stipend. For guidelines, please contact the program recruiter. Stipends are generally given to program participants who successfully complete the entire weekend retreat.

Body & Soul is funded by Public Health Seattle & King County. For more information please visit

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